Thursday, 8 July 2010

Exciting news!

A brief up-date, just to let everyone know that anthology submissions are arriving by the inbox full, and we've already got some really high quality writing. At this rate, we might even have to start thinking about bringing the deadline forward but at present it remains September 30th. We've got poetry, short fiction, life writing, and humour and it's looking very good indeed so far.

If you haven't submitted, but you'd like to, there are two ways of going about it:
  1. If your work is finished, and you're happy with it, email it as a word or text doc. to;
  2. If it's not yet ready, but you want to submit and you're sure it'll be done by September, please email a brief outline (subject, style, approximate number of words etc.) to
It's as simple as that. 

And if anyone's planning to submit a full-length piece of writing or a poetry collection to Dotterel Press, please   have a look at the Dotterel Press website where our submissions guidelines can be found.