Saturday, 30 October 2010

Things are happening

Tiny Acorns

an anthology of new writing

Looks good, don't you think? And - with a couple of exceptions - every one of the authors included has been informed as is even as we speak checking and re-checking their submissions. The quality of submissions has been impressive; the result is a varied and entertaining book covering the genres of fiction, poetry and life-writing. And all proceeds from its sale are going to the BBC Children in Need appeal. We really couldn't have asked for a better cause to support, and we're delighted to be 'doing our bit'. All of which means, of course, that the book will be available shortly. It's looking tight to get it produced in time for this year's televised appeal, but we're confident we can have it in the (virtual) bookshops in time for Christmas, priced £9.99 inc. P&P.

Most pleasing of all has been the enthusiasm, support and appreciation of the students and writers involved. Almost without exception people have been so positive about the venture, it's made the hard work at this end more than worthwhile.

But of course, you can't please everyone. Even a free writing course, created in what little spare time Tim Atkinson might possess, and an offer of publication isn't enough for some people. Ok, so there were problems with the (voluntary) e-support network, and the type-setting might not be to everybody's taste. But what can you say, other than that a full refund is guaranteed?

Some people, publishers, and writing course tutors are paid to be good; we, evidently, are good for nothing.

At least, we like to think so.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

News of the anthology

First, just a quick reminder: the submission deadline has now closed although we are still holding space for one or two pieces where authors have contacted us prior to the deadline. And having sifted through the entries and begun the process of editing and type-setting, I can tell you that there's some extremely fine writing. The entries range from poetry (taking many different forms) to flash and longer fiction; some works are clearly part of a larger project, others are stand-alone pieces. All have the hallmarks of well-crafted and original pieces of writing, and we're really looking forward to the finished project.

We had hoped that, by now, a partner charity would be on-board and we'd be at least some way down the road of teaming up in order to provide them with the profits from this little enterprise. Unfortuantely, things have not gone smoothly and we've been somewhat let-down by our first choice. This is where you come in. If anyone out there - either connected with the anthology or not - has contact with a charity that they think might be a willing partner, then please let us know. It can be large or small, but preferably national so that buyers across the UK can identify with it and support the cause. Please either email or leave a comment below; we'll do the rest.

Further details of the anthology to follow. Watch this space!