Monday, 14 February 2011

Now available on the Kindle!

Small publishers like ours can never hope to compete with the 'big boys' in terms of paperback and hardback sales. We can't afford the discounts, the distribution fees or the 'sweeteners' to get our books into the likes of Waterstones. (Did you know it can cost several thousand pounds to get a major bricks-and-mortar bookstore to sell your book? And then, it has to be so heavily discounted that costs are barely covered.)

The problem is, unless readers see your book, they can't buy it. And they buy books they see. And here's a question posed recently by Joe Konrath: is a book a bestseller because it's good, or because people can buy it? What makes a bestseller? And who decides? As Joe puts it, 'I don't believe an author becomes a bestseller, and then becomes available everywhere. I believe an author is available everywhere, and that's why they're a bestseller.' It's a chicken-and-egg situation, and one that's been determined by the traditional gatekeeper - the publisher.

But with the advent of the e-book, the playing field is starting to level out quite nicely. Ebooks ARE available everywhere - at least to those with a suitable ebook reader - and on the biggest online bookstore in the world - Amazon. And - as recently reported with varying degrees of trepidation recently - sales of ebooks on Amazon outstripped those of paperbacks for the first time ever.

So we're pleased to announce that our first two titles are now available in ebook format - which means, of course, everywhere and on the same terms as those applied to everybody. Click the links below if you're interested in having a look - you can try before you buy, too. And if you haven't got a Kindle, don't worry: the books are formatted for the Kindle app on the iPad, iPod and iPhone too.

Monday, 7 February 2011

An exciting opportunity!

Are you an aspiring author? Would you like some help polishing your writing? Do you want to find out more about the Holy Grail of getting published? Maybe you'd like to receive some mentoring from a published author, someone with experience both as a teacher and as a writer, someone who could give you the benefit of supportive criticism to help your development as a writer?

If you've answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, then you might be interested in our special offer. You'll have heard, no doubt, of Tiny Acorns, the course anthology of new writing that was generated by the e-course offered by Tim Atkinson last year. What you might not realise is that the entire course - all ten lessons - in printed in the book as an Appendix. Now when the course first ran, students were allocated to on-line peer mentoring groups where they could submit their work and receive feedback from their fellow students. But although the course includes all the writing exercises that the would-be authors did, there isn't really any way of getting the same kind of feedback on them. Until now. Because Tim has generously offered to take ten lucky authors under his wing and provide e-coaching to them as they work their way through his writing course. This offer is open to anyone who buys a copy of Tiny Acorns direct from us (and not through Amazon or Lulu) during the month of February. In addition to making your purchase here, you'll need to send us an email ( informing us that you'd like to participate. Clearly not everyone who buys the anthology in February will want or need such free tuition. But if you do, then simply buy a copy of the book, and let us know. It's as simple as that. And if you know somebody who you think would appreciate such help, then let them know. Or maybe even buy them a copy of the book!

Good luck!

*Offer open to ten purchasers of the anthology 'Tiny Acorns' when bought direct from Dotterel Press during February 2011 and who follow the creative writing course as printed in the book's Appendix. This offer includes personal feedback on each on the course units (one per unit) plus general advice and support on various aspects of the student's writing. At the end of the sessions, the student will receive a report based on the progress they've made together with an action-plan detailing the steps the student should consider taking following the successful completion of the study programme. If more than ten qualifying entries are received, the offer will be available to the first ten purchasers drawn at random on March 1st 2011.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Have you been published?

If you were one of the lucky writers included in the 'Tiny Acorns' anthology, here's a badge you might like for your blog. It's simple: grab the code and paste it as an html gadget in your side-bar and everyone will know that you're a published author.