Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Dandelions and Bad Hair Days

Today is World Mental Health Day and to mark the occasion, we are pleased to announce the launch of our latest book. Dandelions and Bad Hair Days is an anthology of writing about, as a response to and resulting from mental health issues. Edited by Suze Grogan, the book includes poetry, prose and photographs and all proceeds from the sale of the book are to be donated to the mental health charity, SANE. It can be bought direct from the Dotterel Press website and will be on sale tonight at the launch party, to be held at Brendon Books in Taunton, starting at 7p.m.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Who Let the Dads Out?

Looking for something different for Father's Day? Why not get dad blogging? Inspire him with this anthology of the best of dad-blog writing, edited by Tom Briggs. He writes...

You know how people sometimes have daft ideas? Well I had one soon after I started blogging. Realising that there were relatively few male representatives in the parent blogging community, the idea of creating an anthology of posts by dads popped into my head.

I promptly forgot all about it until I bumped into well-known blogger and all-round top bloke, Tim Atkinson, at the MAD Blog Awards and found myself blurting out the idea, probably in an effort to impress him. To my amazement, Tim thought it was a good idea so, naturally, we then forgot about it again for a little while.

Then, with Christmas 2011 fast approaching, Tim got in touch and asked if I fancied putting our plan into action; Who Let the Dads Out? was born. The premise was simple; some 20 odd dad bloggers chose their favourite posts to go in this anthology, I edited it and Tim published it. In little over a fortnight, all said. It was hard work, but we're really pleased with it and are confident that you'll like it too.

You can order your copy right here for a little over a fiver. With so much fantastic writing talent between its covers, we reckon that's a bargain price!

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